Breast Reconstruction

Often decisions regarding breast reconstruction have to be made quite quickly. Reclaim your Curves is a charity dedicated to educating women about the reconstruction options available. There is a lot of information on the website to browse through so you are well informed before you make your decision.  If you are unsure and would like to meet other women going through the same process, join the Reclaim your Curves Support Lunches held here in Bunbury. Women through all stages of reconstruction can attend. If you have completed your reconstruction and are happy to meet those starting the process, the support group would love  to meet you.—patient-toolkit.html

You can order a patient tool kit from the RYC website to be sent to you. Alternatively you can download the brochures following the link below.

If you feel a Peer Support Lunch is for you then check out the link below.

Air Expanders are now being used in the South West as an alternative to saline expanders. Air expanders mean you can slowly stretch the skin at home without the need to visit the doctor’s office for saline injections. The link below explains a little about them.